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energy saveDiscover how you could take greater control over the efficiency and costs to heat and cool your Dayton, OH home and speak with the energy efficiency experts from Cool Solutions. We'll help you with ways to save without compromising on comfort. Read reviews here and our service guarantee here.

1. Save With A More Efficient System

Modern systems offer improved energy efficiency potential enabling you to enjoy the same level of comfort at a lower energy consumption and cost. You could even offset the installation investment with the potential utility savings, especially if your current system is older than 10 years. 

'AFUE' ratings on a furnace show the proportion of the input energy which ends up as heat in your home (in lab conditions, professional installation is essential to reach the levels of efficiency).  'SEER' ratings show efficiency levels in different regions, since different weather impacts on the ambient temperatures needed to cool, as well as the number of cooling days each year.  A new 20 SEER system will use only half the energy of an older 10 SEER system to produce the same level of cooling, saving you year after year.

Home Zoning

2. Professional Advice

Let our professional team guide you on the best models to suit your individual heating and cooling demands and which will provide you with the greatest energy savings and comfort levels. We'll help you choose a system that is the right capacity, as a smaller system may be cheaper to purchase, but will cost you more as it uses more power and struggles to heat or cool a size of room it wasn't designed for. 

3. Get Your New System Installed By Professionals

It's always best to let the professionals install your new heating or cooling system. Not only are we fully licensed and insured, we're experienced in Thermostatsinstalling a large range of brands and models. We'll ensure your new system provides maximum energy efficiency and we can provide advice on operating your new system as well as any available upgrades. Having your new system installed by professionals will also ensure the manufacturer warranty remains valid.

4. All Of Home Zoning

Why heat or cool the whole house when only part of it is in use? With an all of home zoning solution installed with your home's heating and cooling systems, you have the power to make significant energy and cost savings. You decide on the number of zones you want your house separated into and each zone can then be controlled independently of the other.

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5. Digital Programmable Thermostats

Enjoy control over comfort as well as energy efficiency with a digital programmable thermostat. Set the thermostat to the temperature you want and once your heating or cooling system reaches that temperature, it switches off. It then only comes on again to ensure your preferred temperature is maintained. With the timer function you'll also enjoy greater control over when your system operates. Set it prior to returning home, before you rise in the morning or with wifi control, you can control it from anywhere in the world via an app.

6. Regular Maintenance & Care

With regular maintenance and care, your heating and cooling systems continue to run reliably and maintain their efficiency. Like with any machinery, the better care you take, the longer they'll last. At Cool Solutions, we offer a Comfort Club Maintenance Plan which includes front of line access, discounts on repairs and a courtesy reminder to schedule pre season maintenance.

To improve energy efficiency and save money on heating and cooling your Dayton and surrounding area home, speak with the energy efficiency experts and call Cool Solutions today.

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