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ZonesFor improved temperature control and comfort in your Dayton and surrounding area home, consider an all of home zoning solution and speak with the experts at Cool Solutions.

1. The Home Zoning Experts

At Cool Solutions, we're the home zoning experts. Home zoning is the process of splitting your home into zones which can then be heating or cooled independently of the other zones. This provides the ultimate in comfort control and caters for the differing needs of rooms that may receive high or low sun exposure as well as the needs of the occupants. With our experience and expertise we'll guide you on choosing the optimum number of zones and the most effective grouping of areas within zones so that you can enjoy the most control and comfort out of a home zoning solution

2. Lower Your Energy Usage And Costs

TrustedWhy heat or cool your entire home when only a few rooms are in use? Home zoning provides the solution. Instead of heating and cooling the whole home, just select the zone or zones you want heated or cooled to suit your needs. You'll save with potential lower energy consumption and utility costs.

3. Ultimate Control For Greater Comfort

Home zoning also provides the ultimate control over individual comfort. Zones are controlled independently of each other, enabling members of your household to set the temperature to suit their own comfort needs.

4. Professionally Installed

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We're experienced, fully licensed and insured so you can depend on us for a professional installation of your home zoning system. We'll also provide you with guidance on operating your zoning system to ensure you get the most benefit over comfort and potential savings.

5. Tidy Service

We keep our work tidy and always clean up before leaving your home.

For a professionally installed home zoning solution to improve your temperature control and comfort at home in Dayton and surrounding areas, call and speak with the friendly team at Cool Solutions today.

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