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ThermostatsEnjoy increased control of your home's temperature and potential energy savings in the Dayton region and speak with Heat Masters & Cool Solutions about a professionally installed programmable thermostat. With on-time service and same day installations we're already the trusted HVAC experts of choice. Read testimonials from some of our existing customers here.

Some of the benefits of a digital thermostat you could be enjoying include:

1. Improving How You Operate Your Heating And Cooling Systems

energy save

Adding a digital thermostat provides greater control over the way you heat and cool your home. Set the temperature that suits you and once achieved, your system switches off until a boost is needed to maintain the set temperature. You can also program your heating and cooling to switch on and off at set times. Rise in comfort or arrive home from a day out to the ideal temperature as you set it to come on a short time before needed.

2. Reduce Energy Consumption To Heat And Cool Your Home

With the power to preset temperature and operating times, you're no longer wasting money blanket heating or cooling your home.

3. Remote Operation

Whether via remote control from within your home or via an app on your smartphone, iphone or device, you can control your heating and cooling systems from anywhere in the world. Perfect for days with an unexpected weather change as you can remotely program your system to accommodate any change in weather.

4. External Sensors

For increased comfort and energy efficiency consider installing an external sensor which can make incremental temperature adjustments using live weather data.

5. Pricing Up Front

We'll let you know the full cost of installing a digital thermostat up front.

For improved control over temperature and energy efficiency to heat and cool your home in Dayton, OH and surrounding suburbs, consider the benefits of a digital thermostat and call and speak with the team at Cool Solutions today.

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